Wednesday, March 1, 2017

When Larry Ferguson approached me to write for I thought what could be more fitting to write about Dottie Rambo for my debut article? Because if there's one composer and performer I really dig, it is Dottie Rambo. Who wrote not only from the heart, in a remarkable honest and eloquent manner!

If you look up eloquent in the dictionary it says:

eloquent (ˈɛləkwənt)
1. (of speech, writing, etc) characterized by fluency and persuasiveness
2. visibly or vividly expressive, as of an emotion: an eloquent yawn.

How fitting is that definition? Dottie's writing was all that! It was flowing, persuasive, and expressed emotions through words creating a vivid picture! Eloquence is often mistaken for the use of a lot of fancy words. But the definition is clear, just like Dottie Rambo was clear, a straight lyrical shooter! When she wrote, "He Looked Beyond My Faults, And Saw My Need" she was clear. Amazing, honest and humble, she could sculpt the image of Grace like few could. The fact that she borrowed the tune from "Danny Boy" didn’t diminish was and still is a masterpiece!!  The song makes you feel the need of a Savior, the exhilarating sensation of true deliverance.The awareness that you are loved, and the sweet relieve it brings!  He looked past our errors...our mistakes...and only saw our need for redemption. And no matter who, that has some degree of musical talent, tackles one of Dottie's song, it will still be powerful and uplifing.  Listen to Andrae Crouch's version of "He Looked Beyond My Faults" here:

(source: YouTube)

Love is rapidly becoming the most underrated 4 letter word, and has been progressively so. He left the splendor of Heaven Knowing His Destiny...He knew you, yet He loved you. It was destiny that he was meant to leave His home, and His Father. Just a tiny baby.... left at the threshold of mankind’s detioriating world. A world where He would be largely be ignored. Ignored and rejected. Yet He's still tugging at the heartstrings of every man,woman and child today, there’s no stopping Him! If that isn't love, I don't know what is, we would have given up a long long time ago. The song “If That Isn’t Love” got a regal treatment on a 'live' album by The Imperials in 1970...while they were busy singing back up for Elvis, Jimmy Dean and doing their own spectacular thing in Gospel music.   Here's the Imperials singing "If That Isn't Love". [youtube=] (source: YouTube)
Dottie is one of those writers that wrote songs that were personal and yet universal! Songs everyone could relate to.  Another favorite Dottie song, is one by the trio I once sang in, and which no longer exists, so this is not me plugging my own group. By no means the best you'll hear......but this one means the most to me...personally. No edits, overdubs, no fancy licks, just a straightforward honest performance of this magnificent tune.

(source: YouTube)

I can not write this piece about Dottie Rambo without mentioning the ultimate song of comfort that Dottie wrote with Jimmy Davis entitled "Sheltered In The Arms of God" Listen to Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision nailing this song...his diction, his pronunciation is impeccable. Wolfe's ultimate achievement on this song is that he is conveying the core of God's message with such powerful conviction, that you can not get around the fact that Love is the message, and the message is love.  Take a listen here [youtube=] (source: YouTube)
Dottie Rambo has written so much wonderful songs...and I will most certainly revisit them in my writings.

God bless Auke


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